To choose to get under the bar is to acknowledge some weakness in your body or mind. Each weakness is something we can affect and change with this simple process that makes you a little bit stronger tomorrow than you are today.

Why Strength?

Strength is the most basic trainable physical aspect for improving health, fitness, and performance. If you are just starting out, strength will have the greatest carryover to all other physical goals. Training for strength means more lean muscle mass, better movement and balance, more endurance, and improved quality of life--the opposite of aging and frailty.

Why the Barbell?

We use the barbell as our gold standard for strength training. It's simple--just a piece of metal that we put weights on. But, for strength training there is no better tool. Nothing allows us to use the most basic human movements to improve strength with almost infinite scaleability. Barbell training is for everyone, but it must be done right. We teach every person who walks through our door how to squat, press overhead, deadlift, and bench press. These lifts form the core of any effective strength training regimen. 

If you want to get strong, the barbell is the right tool for the job. It's not scary, it's not complicated, and it's not going to hurt. This is safe, and it's possible.

What to Expect

Everything we do is hands-on. We coach you through every lift with detailed one-on-one sessions. And, we provide a training program that begins with what you can do today and plans predictable, measurable improvements from there.

Our training clients have a plan every day they come to the gym. There are no surprises, no random workouts, no wasted time.